Was du nocht nicht über SEO weißt

SEO or search engine optimization is a concept that everyone who owns a website should know about. To help you with better optimization and better branding there are websites like https://lynkhero.com/de

You might already have heard a lot about SEO and its importance. There are a few things that are not spoken about too often –

SEO is still relevant – not focusing on it can affect your business

Having a good SEO is good for your business. But if you ignore SEO it can be bad for your business. Penalties for breaking the SEO rules and ethics can backfire. So make sure that you understand the SEO rules and use them for your business’ benefits.

Quality of the links matter more than the quantity of the links

Understand the various characteristics that lead to a link being labeled as a bad one. If your website makes a bad target for links if there are too many irrelevant links you create, though the incoming traffic might increase, your website’s ranking can be severely affected.

Keyword count should not be too low nor too high

Having too few keywords might lead to your website slipping through searches. But did you also know that having too many keywords is also bad for the website? Focus instead on having the ideal mix of the different types of keywords. Use keywords that define the market where your business would operate and the type of audience who would be targeted.

Being mobile friendly is a necessity

Businesses big or small have to create a website that works seamlessly on computers as well as smartphones. Sometimes it is the mobile website that the people check for the first time they hear about your business or it might be your mobile website that even introduces your business to your customers. So work on the optimization of the mobile search as well.