Top Tips How Working Parents Can Manage The Demands Of School-Age Kids

Working parents managing their school going kids can be a real chaos. School going kids means projects, tests, parent-teacher meetings, explaining to your boss why you want to leave early and then worry that the child is not performing well in academics.

The task is endless and the stress is high. As a working parent, you need to balance your child as well as your work. You want the best for your child but in the journey, there is a lot of of-of challenges that you have to face.

Here is how you can effectively manage the overwhelming demands of being a parent and a professional.

Explain why you are away

Let your boss know when you would be off from work and why do you want the leave. Get into details if possible if you think that is important. So if suppose your kid is fairing badly in school let your boss know that the teacher wants to meet you to discuss the academic progress of your child.

Invest your time selectively

All the working parents are tied up with time. So invest your time wisely. Decide what you think is important to do and what can be left out or handed over to someone. This way you will be able to be more focused and manage your time well.

Take our family time

This is very important. School going kids are at the age when they will have a number of questions and you as a parent are the only one whom they can trust with the answers. So some amount of family time should be a must in your day. This will let your child open up to you. Ask him general questions like how was school and what did he play with his friends. Be interested in what the child has to say. You will slowly see how the child opens up to you. Get more quality reviews at starwalkkids.