DayAugust 30, 2018

The Ultimate Guide: How to Add Business Name to Google Maps

People today extensively use Google Maps not just to get around but also to find local businesses. So to increase the chances of getting noticed it is important for you to get your business name listed on Google Maps. This can be done in a few simple steps.

  • Start with creating your account in Google My Business.
  • Start with keying in your business name after logging into to your Google account. It would be a good idea to create a Google account for your business rather than using your personal account here.
  • Then proceed to enter the exact address of your office or the location where your business listing should be reflected on the maps.
  • Alternatively, you can simply key in your business name in the search bar. Among the suggested matches you would also find the option to add your business.
  • Proceed to fill in the delivery details.

Then comes the verification process. Choose the method that is most suitable for you and verify your business. Phone, email, postcard, bulk verification, and instant verification are the options you would find. Once the verification is done your business would be listed and then you can proceed to optimize the business details page. Here you would be able to add any information you would like to furnish, like the website link, phone number, hours of operation, and finally, some photos as well. The more information you add, the easier would it be for the customers to find your business and locate it. Also, encourage customers to post reviews about your business in order to build a trust and earn new leads.

Once you have your Google business listing done you can then focus on your other social media channels as well. Increasing your followers is quite simple as there are many places that allow you to comprar youtube subscribers and shares.…

How Technology Is Changing the Travel and Tourism Industry 2018

At every level, technology is constantly upgrading to a higher and more advanced level because of help from AI or Artificial Intelligence Innovators. These days all businesses and companies are now using AI to support the overall operations in all sectors and industries – retailers, finance, insurance, travel, etc. This is also driving customer experience on a day-to-day basis with marketing and customer service staff giving their best and seamless customer experience.

How is Technology Changing the Travel and Tourism Industry 2018?

social media is one of the fastest, cheapest and easiest way customers can reach out to companies to provide feedback on a particular product or service with a click of a mouse. This way technology helps in a great way to retain customers and protect brand reputation. Artificial Intelligence helps to detect issues and this reduce the immense numbers of negative feedback as quick response helps time factor. Chatbots and AI are assisting business conversation that makes it easier to channelize various communications into these platforms. This ensures that customers queries and issues are taken care of especially on various other devices.

Technology goes to a larger extent in travel and tourism industry and this year 2018 sees advanced developments in how this is implemented. Human interaction is easier due to the artificial intelligence driven systems as they can detect what you would like to eat or where you would like to stay when you are searching or chatting. They take the preferences from the sites you have visited or get advertised on sites or through shares online. Latest software technologies are now on onboard shipping operations and used for passenger luxuries too. Even massive luxury ship prices, quotes, and deals are done online and you can get yours at for suitable deals.