DayMay 31, 2018

The Salon Business Trends That Will Rule 2018

Running a salon business means you have to always stay up to date with the latest trends, to ensure you keep customers coming back, as well as attracting new ones. Here, we take a look at some of the top trends in the salon business, to help you plan some new developments for 2018, and keep your business competitive.

One of the most important trends in almost any business area is the use of technology. Many salons offer apps or appointment reminders sent via email or text message – no more rummaging in your purse for that lost appointment card! You could also set up a hashtag for customers to share images on social media of their new looks or allow them to ‘check in’ at your salon.

Social media is an important aspect of running a salon business now too. You can use this as a medium to communicate with customers, answering any queries or keeping them up to date with new products, treatments or services being offered. It’s also a great way to engage with your customers and help them trust you – it gives a business a friendlier feel.

Offering different payment options is another great way to appeal to customers – particularly the younger generation who like to use technology for everything! NFC (near field communication) payments such as Apple Pay and Android Pay offer customers a quick, convenient and secure way to pay, and are perfect for when they’ve forgotten to bring their purse.

Natural beauty is a fast-growing area, and customers love if a salon offers natural or organic treatment products- chemical free products are healthier and have a huge fanbase on social media. Keep an eye on any newly released natural products and offer your customers some free samples. You can click here to read more on this subject.…