10 Business Analyst Interview Questions and Answers

Kratom is one kind of rare herb that has recently been making the headlines. You can get kratom here. There are several such new business trends that are making it big across the world. As a business analyst, you would be identifying such potential ideas and projecting it to the market. If you have an interview coming up for the post of a business analyst, here are some questions you are likely to be asked at the interview –

  1. What are the essential skills for any business analyst:

Communication skills, customer interaction, leadership traits, collaboration, efficiency to work as a team and strategic decision-making skills.

  1. What are the tools you are most likely to use?

MS Word and MS Excel, ERP System, Rational tools for testing, MS Visio, MS Project.

  1. What is an activity diagram?

It helps to study the workflow in the organization.

  1. What is INVEST?

It stands for Independent Negotiable Valuable Estimable Sized appropriately Testable products and services.

  1. Steps involved in creating a product from the concept stage

SWOT analysis, competitor analysis, market analysis, prioritization of features, strategic vision and feature set, scalability analysis, use case study, test cases, and monitoring are some of the essential steps.

  1. What is Pareto analysis?

This is a decision making strategy that tells that 20% of the major causes result in 80% of the results observed.

  1. What is SaaS?

It stands for Software as a Service. This involves the use of Cloud storage when a new software has to be integrated.

  1. What is the significance of PEST analysis?

It is about the understanding of how every company is affected by the macro-environment factors like Political, Economic, Social and Technological aspects.

  1. Why do you need flowcharts?

This shows the process flow and makes it easier to understand the system.

  1. What is Kano analysis?

It is about the development of the product so as to meet customer expectations and it talks about the details that result in customer satisfaction.