5 Key Actions to Take When Your Business Is Sued

The presently adopted marketing techniques and the sound financial power within your competitor is just enough for your business to get sued anytime. Apart from these, a complaint from an unsatisfied customer, a frustrated worker or anyone with a similar issue who is not happy with your dealings can simply litigate and may even charge against you and your business.

So, it is important to understand the actions you need to take for such unpredicted situations.

Demand letters from the opposite party complaining about your actions is the prior step before actually being sued. Further, you need to try for solving out things with the complainant.

Launching the formal complaint involves the next measure if things are not resolved as included in the demand letters. This contains the summons where you definitely have to approach the court for defending the claims made against you.

All you need to do is

  1. Immediately contact your lawyer. Preferably, transfer all the relevant papers to a Lansing criminal attorney who is experienced and successful. Give him the time to learn the facts in detail and accordingly prepare a working strategy that depends on the true matter you share. Do not keep any secrets as it can really affect the outcome of your case.
  2. Depend on the insurance. The whole investigation procedure may cost you that could be reimbursed from the claims you make to the insurance company but be vigilant enough to act quickly.
  3. Keep the subject confidential with your attorney. Strictly do not share with anyone else that could leak your plans to the opponents.
  4. Act wisely and preserve all the related records. Whether it is an email or a written copy, store in a safer place.
  5. Consistently approach your rivals for compromise and settlements. Even if you have not done anything wrong, there can always be a twist in the case. So, to avoid such tensions always go for the possibilities that can settle the case.

Here’s When Should a Growing or Small Business Offer Employee Benefits

Partnerships and better-financed organizations might appear to approach the best advantages. Yet new businesses and little organizations can provide representative advantages that are alluring to workers. For a developing or independent venture, searching and holding quality representatives is past pay. The advantages bundle your organization extends is regularly the main factor for hopefuls. For extra direction, think about these precedents provided over at couponobox.com.

When you Require, Offer Equity

Organizations simply beginning might not have the capacity to remunerate huge compensations or provide customary advantages such as medical coverage. Yet, all organizations have an objective and mission. Providing value to the representatives permits everybody to partake in that objective and mission. In case your private company or small venture is on the initial stages, think about utilizing this liven, as you probably won’t have the assets to provide huge worthwhile advantages.

Before Hiring Turns up as a Challenge

The organization ought to never come to a day where you experience serious difficulties enlisting or holding talented candidates due to advantages contributions. In case such a circumstance occurs, it’s presumably better to begin distributing representative advantages.

Investigate what sorts of worker benefits bundles other comparatively estimated organizations in your sector are putting forth. This can enable you to place a decent standard concerning what forthcoming representatives are searching for, and enable you to figure out what you should provide to pick up an upper hand.

Financially Viable Employee Benefits

In case your organization’s statistic is youthful, maybe obtaining medical coverage isn’t what workers want much. Remember that advantages can be provided over any financial plan, contingent upon what you should give. Provide advantages and livens external to medical coverage that will offer an incentive to the workers.

In case your private venture puts resources into instructing representatives, they may value your interest in their career growth. Even think about offering boundless excursion, the alternative for representatives to function remotely. The expense is moderately low, yet the liven will draw in those searching for an adaptable workplace.

Top Tips How Working Parents Can Manage The Demands Of School-Age Kids

Working parents managing their school going kids can be a real chaos. School going kids means projects, tests, parent-teacher meetings, explaining to your boss why you want to leave early and then worry that the child is not performing well in academics.

The task is endless and the stress is high. As a working parent, you need to balance your child as well as your work. You want the best for your child but in the journey, there is a lot of of-of challenges that you have to face.

Here is how you can effectively manage the overwhelming demands of being a parent and a professional.

Explain why you are away

Let your boss know when you would be off from work and why do you want the leave. Get into details if possible if you think that is important. So if suppose your kid is fairing badly in school let your boss know that the teacher wants to meet you to discuss the academic progress of your child.

Invest your time selectively

All the working parents are tied up with time. So invest your time wisely. Decide what you think is important to do and what can be left out or handed over to someone. This way you will be able to be more focused and manage your time well.

Take our family time

This is very important. School going kids are at the age when they will have a number of questions and you as a parent are the only one whom they can trust with the answers. So some amount of family time should be a must in your day. This will let your child open up to you. Ask him general questions like how was school and what did he play with his friends. Be interested in what the child has to say. You will slowly see how the child opens up to you. Get more quality reviews at starwalkkids.

Here’s How Your Clothing Impacts Your Business Success

Your clothes impact the success of your business and believe it or not but what you wear creates an instant impression about you. What you wear is just the outside and no way does it represent who you are or how you are as a human being. But it is true that the society judges you by the way you dress. How you dress can make a big difference in how people perceive your business and one soon take a decision on whether or not to get an into a deal with you.

Your financial success is positively correlated to the dress that you wear. Your appearance is what makes one judge about your intelligence and your position. How you dress is thus very important and creates a lot of impact on how your business will be seen. Your clothes and your communication is what can change the way others perceive you. It lets one make an immediate judgment about you.

At Luxtime.su understand how you should dress and what you should wear to create an impression about yourself and your business.

Here are a few things that should be kept in mind when you dress.

  • It is never good to show a lot of skin
  • Dirty clothes are a big no
  • Ironed clothes are well-received
  • Wear clothes that are well tailored
  • Follow the dress code always
  • Wear accessories and shoes that match your dress

Any unprofessional dressing could create a bad image for yourself and for your business. This could hamper the growth of your business. Good clothing is a measure of your credibility and your worth. If you want your business to grow and succeed then dress well to ensure the success of your business.

Whether you accept it or not, the society makes an impression about you by the way you dress and how you communicate. Your clothes speak about you and your brand and it tells the others about your personality and your status.…

10 Business Analyst Interview Questions and Answers

Kratom is one kind of rare herb that has recently been making the headlines. You can get kratom here. There are several such new business trends that are making it big across the world. As a business analyst, you would be identifying such potential ideas and projecting it to the market. If you have an interview coming up for the post of a business analyst, here are some questions you are likely to be asked at the interview –

  1. What are the essential skills for any business analyst:

Communication skills, customer interaction, leadership traits, collaboration, efficiency to work as a team and strategic decision-making skills.

  1. What are the tools you are most likely to use?

MS Word and MS Excel, ERP System, Rational tools for testing, MS Visio, MS Project.

  1. What is an activity diagram?

It helps to study the workflow in the organization.

  1. What is INVEST?

It stands for Independent Negotiable Valuable Estimable Sized appropriately Testable products and services.

  1. Steps involved in creating a product from the concept stage

SWOT analysis, competitor analysis, market analysis, prioritization of features, strategic vision and feature set, scalability analysis, use case study, test cases, and monitoring are some of the essential steps.

  1. What is Pareto analysis?

This is a decision making strategy that tells that 20% of the major causes result in 80% of the results observed.

  1. What is SaaS?

It stands for Software as a Service. This involves the use of Cloud storage when a new software has to be integrated.

  1. What is the significance of PEST analysis?

It is about the understanding of how every company is affected by the macro-environment factors like Political, Economic, Social and Technological aspects.

  1. Why do you need flowcharts?

This shows the process flow and makes it easier to understand the system.

  1. What is Kano analysis?

It is about the development of the product so as to meet customer expectations and it talks about the details that result in customer satisfaction.…

10 Things Every Business Owner Should Know

A business owner has to manage a lot of things; it is a tedious work that can keep you busy for a longer time as compared to a routine job. It is a good practice to set up a few systems in your business so there is a process for everything you do in your work, saving a lot of time for everyone. Check these tips in order to keep everything sailing smoothly.

1) Stay organized: It can be the business documentation, finance transactions, employee contracts or rules and processes in your business, it is important to stay organized so everyone knows what to do when.

2) Business Plan: It is the first thing you should have when you are thinking of starting a business. No matter how big or small your business is it is necessary to have a proper business plan.

3) Funds: Every business owner should have a backup plan to raise funds in case the business is facing some financial troubles.

4) Business records: It is important to record every transaction you do in your business. It not only is a good practice but it can save you a lot of legal trouble.

5) Good legal support: There can be many disputes when it comes to business, so it is important to have a good legal support to get you through tricky situations, seek legal advice at recovermywages.

6) Know your customers: Every business runs for a particular set of customers, understand the requirements of your customers and use them to make your business go further.

7) Location: Know that the location of the business plays a very important role in the success of the business. So, when choosing the location, check where your business has a better chance to flourish.

8) Customer Service: Businesses need to make sure that they are providing appropriate customer support to all their customers.

9) Seek help: Business can face some hurdles and it is quite common, so whenever you think you are not able to move forward, seek help from the experts.

10) Technology: Using the right technology to improve your business is the key to a successful business; make use of the correct ones.…

Was du nocht nicht über SEO weißt

SEO or search engine optimization is a concept that everyone who owns a website should know about. To help you with better optimization and better branding there are websites like https://lynkhero.com/de

You might already have heard a lot about SEO and its importance. There are a few things that are not spoken about too often –

SEO is still relevant – not focusing on it can affect your business

Having a good SEO is good for your business. But if you ignore SEO it can be bad for your business. Penalties for breaking the SEO rules and ethics can backfire. So make sure that you understand the SEO rules and use them for your business’ benefits.

Quality of the links matter more than the quantity of the links

Understand the various characteristics that lead to a link being labeled as a bad one. If your website makes a bad target for links if there are too many irrelevant links you create, though the incoming traffic might increase, your website’s ranking can be severely affected.

Keyword count should not be too low nor too high

Having too few keywords might lead to your website slipping through searches. But did you also know that having too many keywords is also bad for the website? Focus instead on having the ideal mix of the different types of keywords. Use keywords that define the market where your business would operate and the type of audience who would be targeted.

Being mobile friendly is a necessity

Businesses big or small have to create a website that works seamlessly on computers as well as smartphones. Sometimes it is the mobile website that the people check for the first time they hear about your business or it might be your mobile website that even introduces your business to your customers. So work on the optimization of the mobile search as well.…

Instagram Posts: Qualität statt Quantität

The online stages keep on developing, an ever-increasing number of organizations are using the intensity of Instagram promoting. Notwithstanding, with the objective of drawing in and extending the onlookers, how regularly would it be advisable for you to post?

This is a concern for which there exists no unmistakable solution, and can frequently rely upon the kind of venture you are advertising.

Once a day

The mainstream technique is posting once in a day. A great many individuals check their online networking sustains each day, so it is essential to remain significant with an everyday post.

Numerous individuals have been fruitful with this strategy, and numerous with as meager as one post monthly, anyway the more the better. There is obviously the danger of over-assaulting your followers with substance, anyway, rivalry for views is continually expanding. Adfluencer.de would be of great assistance to increase the marketing strategies to hike the followers count.

Stories on Instagram

In case you are determined to post one each day, at that point another method for making changes to contact your gathering is through stories on Instagram. It is the crowd’s decision if they see this substance, thus diminishes the danger of driving excessive substances towards them. Stories are brief, hence they don’t obstruct your page after you complete them.

Various Posts per Day

In case you put up about 3 posts in a day on similar content, there is the hazard that the viewers will lose interest. One method for doing it is selecting different substances to put up every day.

Consistency is vital

There exist various techniques which might function for you, anyway its essential to be consistent. The timeframe to post ought to line up with the time individuals check their social networks, which is before and after work and during lunch breaks. Based on the interest group, attempt your best and cater to time up the key vital postings for the peak hours to increase the viewership ratings.

Top 5 Simple Tips for Successful Stock Trading

Trading on the market stocks could have been an overwhelming experience for many of you. Deciding on the key factors like how and how much to invest, what to trade and so on are some of the queries that always keeps us thinking before actually conducting the trade.

When some folks opt to take the common as well as the popular trade investment plan, the others choose for opening a successful brokerage account via https://bullmarketz.com/. Still, there exists another group of new youth trader who immediately wants to set up their charts somehow and be on the trading track as soon as possible to make money.

However, there are a certain set of rules to be followed that can lead us to complete a successful stock trading. Even though each rule holds its own importance, effectivity comes when these are worked out together.

So, here are the best trading tips that can uplift the odds of succeeding in the market.

  1. Always adopt a well-planned trading scheme. This should detail the trader’s time to enter the trade when to exit and even the money dealing strategy. Further, the process of backtesting compares this adopted type with the historical data and shows if it is viable to be used in the real-time trading.
  2. Approach trading as your business that needs your effort to establish and not simply as a hobby. This helps in bringing the commitment element to trading and keeps away the feeling of frustration.
  3. Seek technology benefit. Consider trading as a competitive field and employ technological platforms like
  • The Charting method
  • Smartphones market updates
  1. Save your trading fund. This allows you to avoid taking unnecessary risks.
  2. Be a constant learner in this field. Try to understand the market trends and the daily variations occurring with this regard.

The Ultimate Guide: Boosting and Managing Diversity in the Workplace

Diversity is the key to building a successful business. Doing the same job and with the same people, every day can get a little monotonous. But working with different people from different race, age and gender can make the job diverse. Bringing in diversification can be difficult as it brings people from different background under the same roof and so it needs a strong leader who can keep everyone together and happy. Here are some ways that can boost diversity in the workplace.

1) Connect: When dealing with people from diverse background, it is important to connect with them to find out what motivates them. People like to be understood and heard and their experiences can help the organization grow. The process of diversification starts with hiring people from different backgrounds and for that, you need a panel that is diverse.

2) Work practices and policies: When managing a workplace with the diverse culture it is important to follow practices and policies that are favorable to all the members and is not favoring just one set of employees. The team deciding these policies should consider the impact of all these practices on different groups of people and also consider their feedback when settings these practices. Checking with legal firms can help you avoid the legal consequence of setting up any discriminating policies. To know more check with legal firms Edinburgh.

3) Diversity Training: Many times companies decide to do diversity training when there is a merger of two or more companies with different backgrounds. This helps all the employees to understand the diversity of their new colleagues and bond together so that they can add to the workforce. Diversity awareness can help the employees to understand the race, religion, culture, gender differences of each other and the company and the managers play important role in this process.

How to Keep Flies Out of Your Hospitality Business This Summer

The hospitality business is one of the businesses that demands huge responsibility in terms of cleanliness and comfort. People who travel and stay in hotels and resorts for a few days will expect a lot of comfort similar to home as that will be an added benefit to their holiday!

The insect control Edinburgh department has been continually monitoring this feature of hospitality management in terms of maintaining pest control in hotels and resorts for better stay experiences by people. Some of the methods they suggest are:

  1. 1. Manage the issue: find out the cause for flies in general and take measures to limit their entry and ultimately stop it completely. Eliminate the breeding areas and killing the adult flies will prevent from infestation. Proper sanitation with regard to areas where food is stored also should be carefully kept in control.
  2. 2. Install a professional fly unit: keeping a system of clearing away flies professionally has become possible with the installation of a fly unit by a team of professionals. This can be helpful at times of more tourists who stay in the hotel and the nuisance of flies can be eliminated clearly.
  3. Install a screen: installing wire meshes on doors and screens can prevent flies but allow proper ventilation into the rooms, therefore the right sized screens and meshes should be installed.
  4. 4. Keep it clean: employ people in the maintenance team to strictly keep all the areas well cleaned and sterilized for making the insects and pests entry difficult. Cleanliness is most prior to any hospitality business which will help with getting the business bigger and better.
  5. Look at the long-term: keep the long-term view of how to develop your business in the long term so that this mission gets accomplished when there is a well-balanced maintenance system.

Top 10 Tips for Busy Entrepreneurs Who Want to Organize Their Work from Home and Travel Lives

Productivity is about doing more things quickly and efficiently. With the increase in demand in today’s world, it has become quite important to improve our productivity. Below mentioned are different ways to organize your work life.

Time- Managing the time is the most critical part in managing work life. In order to manage the time well, the first thing you need to do is to chalk out a plan.

Reduce the time of meetings by 25 percent- Plan the meeting in advance so that only the needed points are discussed.

Use the time of commuting to finish off the coordination tasks- Whenever you travel or commute from one place to another, you can use that time to finish off a few of the work.

Regular breaks should be scheduled during the daytime- To avoid monotonous work, you should ensure that regular breaks are taken on time.

Try to work offsite whenever possible- Whenever you are on work and travel, do spend some time to finish off priority work so that it never gets piled up. Make use of the time at your hand.

Space- If you are working from home, you need to organize your workspace which will definitely increase the productivity. Clean up unwanted things and you can use the services of firms like New Bern Dumpsters.

Consolidate all the information offering apps in a single place- On your desktop or phone, make a single folder so that all the information you need are available in a single place.

Begin the day with a scheduled ‘me time’- you need to allocate yourself some time for yourself to clear your thought and plan the day so that you can use it productively.

Switch off the notifications on the desktop and mobile devices- Lots of time gets wasted each time you check the notification that pop-ups on the phone or desktop.

Mindset- Always have the right mindset and enjoy what you do so that it does not become like a burden to you.

How To Increase Your Business Income In 2018

With the current inflation, it is just so much costly in keeping a business running to its full potential. Combined with that the increasing cost of living, and amount of competitors in the market, it is surely becoming more and more difficult for businesses to sustain in the long run. Therefore, increasing the revenue and profits of a business, company or organisation, is very much essential to keep the running costs of the business satisfied. Therefore, the following are some of the best tips and tricks to increase your business income in 2018.

Three Main Ways To Increase Your Business Income In 2018

  • Try To Increase The Price : Before you try to increase the price, you should always keep in mind to do market research first. You have to know how much your competitors are charging, and if you even have any chances of increasing the price. If you have good chances of increasing the price, and your competitors are providing inferior quality products that you are – then customers will still buy your product, even after the price increase. Thus, check price now!

  • Compare Financial Ratios : There are many financial ratios that you should be aware of – activity ratio, inventory turnover ratio, etc. These ratios should be compared between your own business alongside the industry average. In this way, you will know which one to tweak further, and which one to not. Tweaking these ratios will genuinely impact your business income – either in a positive or negative manner.
  • Go For Referral Business : Referral business is a very effective way of selling your products. Most people who tend to buy a product has been referred to by some of their friends or relatives. Therefore, asking your clients to refer your most popular as well as tried and tested products, will definitely help in increasing the sales multifold.

The Ultimate Guide: How to Add Business Name to Google Maps

People today extensively use Google Maps not just to get around but also to find local businesses. So to increase the chances of getting noticed it is important for you to get your business name listed on Google Maps. This can be done in a few simple steps.

  • Start with creating your account in Google My Business.
  • Start with keying in your business name after logging into to your Google account. It would be a good idea to create a Google account for your business rather than using your personal account here.
  • Then proceed to enter the exact address of your office or the location where your business listing should be reflected on the maps.
  • Alternatively, you can simply key in your business name in the search bar. Among the suggested matches you would also find the option to add your business.
  • Proceed to fill in the delivery details.

Then comes the verification process. Choose the method that is most suitable for you and verify your business. Phone, email, postcard, bulk verification, and instant verification are the options you would find. Once the verification is done your business would be listed and then you can proceed to optimize the business details page. Here you would be able to add any information you would like to furnish, like the website link, phone number, hours of operation, and finally, some photos as well. The more information you add, the easier would it be for the customers to find your business and locate it. Also, encourage customers to post reviews about your business in order to build a trust and earn new leads.

Once you have your Google business listing done you can then focus on your other social media channels as well. Increasing your followers is quite simple as there are many places that allow you to comprar youtube subscribers and shares.…

How Technology Is Changing the Travel and Tourism Industry 2018

At every level, technology is constantly upgrading to a higher and more advanced level because of help from AI or Artificial Intelligence Innovators. These days all businesses and companies are now using AI to support the overall operations in all sectors and industries – retailers, finance, insurance, travel, etc. This is also driving customer experience on a day-to-day basis with marketing and customer service staff giving their best and seamless customer experience.

How is Technology Changing the Travel and Tourism Industry 2018?

social media is one of the fastest, cheapest and easiest way customers can reach out to companies to provide feedback on a particular product or service with a click of a mouse. This way technology helps in a great way to retain customers and protect brand reputation. Artificial Intelligence helps to detect issues and this reduce the immense numbers of negative feedback as quick response helps time factor. Chatbots and AI are assisting business conversation that makes it easier to channelize various communications into these platforms. This ensures that customers queries and issues are taken care of especially on various other devices.

Technology goes to a larger extent in travel and tourism industry and this year 2018 sees advanced developments in how this is implemented. Human interaction is easier due to the artificial intelligence driven systems as they can detect what you would like to eat or where you would like to stay when you are searching or chatting. They take the preferences from the sites you have visited or get advertised on sites or through shares online. Latest software technologies are now on onboard shipping operations and used for passenger luxuries too. Even massive luxury ship prices, quotes, and deals are done online and you can get yours at 4yacht.com for suitable deals.

The Ultimate & Profitable Home Based Business Ideas

Many persons thought to work from home as it provides the independence and freedom to do their work. Side business at the home is another way to get the income. Here we will discuss the ultimate and profitable home based business ideas.

1) Turn your blog into a business

Blogging will not make you rich fastly, but it will give you definitely some money. It is the home-based ideas. Freelancing can be done in many ways by writing, programming, and designing.

2) Social media     

If you have more communication in the social media you can earn money by tweeting, advertising about the product and by sharing photos. Some celebrities are also doing this in social media by giving pose for weight loss by tea or they will advertise for the specific equipment for fitness.

3)Interior design

If you are creative in nature and interested in the designing means you will get more opportunities in this field. In the U.S, the interior designers are earning about $46,000 per year. You can verify the website called loveplugs.

4) Home daycare

Nowadays most of the parents are going to work and they prefer the home daycare facility. If you are found to be happy when you are with the children means you can utilize this great opportunity for earning.


If you are educated, you can teach the adults or kids through online or personally in the home itself. Otherwise, you can teach your local school children.

6) Real estate agent

For this, you need the license to do the business and get the excellent salary.

7) Party planning

If you have wide friend circles and family you can inform them about your skills and they can help you in planning events for others. Instagram, Facebook, and other social media can help you in this business.…

5 Ways to Make Your Business Look Big While You’re Still Growing It

Making your business look big when you are still growing it would make it easier to really make it big in a short duration. Though the situation is very much favorable for startups people still trust larger business better than they do the small businesses.

  1. Choose a prominent location for the office space

When people come across two different businesses both offering very similar services, one with an address in some unknown location and one located in a prominent location, they are more likely to pick the latter. You could find a virtual office space or even choose a small office in a building that is popular.

  1. Create a powerful online image

Work on your website and social media pages. Create a consistency in all of them and use them to create a strong brand image.

  1. Work on the invoice numbers

Several invoice providers allow you to choose the beginning numbers of your invoice. Having a larger number for your invoice makes it appear like you have handled several customers already.

  1. Have a clientele you can boast about

Getting the first clients might be the toughest job. Struggle a little more so that you work with powerful clients. Popular names on your clientele send out a good signal about your business.

  1. Answering services can go a long way

There are many ways to establish a virtual assistant or a voicemail service. For finding the most reliable VoIP providers read more here thevoiphub. One benefit is that these answering services handle the calls and give you more time to focus on other tasks. The other is that any outsider who gets in touch with your business would get a prompt response.

It would not be sufficient to just make your business appear big. You would also have to strive continuously to attain the image you create for your business.…

Smart Ways To Stay Positive About Your Business In A World Full of Negativity

When you get into your own business, it can be hard to stay positive at all times. Any business will have its own share of ups and downs. A business does not succeed right after its inception. There will be a number of failed attempts, mistakes to correct and strategies to change. It is up to the employees and the business owner to stay positive and keep working towards their goals, despite the multiple attempts and failures. https://trulycoin.com can the right place to get some inspiration to stay positive at all times.

Here are a few ways in which one can stay positive despite the negativity surrounding us at all times:

Positive Messages

Surround yourself with positive messages. Get inspirational quotes and snippets printed in a large size and stick them up in strategic places around your house and office. Looking at such messages at all times will make you feel and think more positive.


Get speakers to come and address your staff. These speakers can be business owners or other employees who have achieved after a lot of struggle. When people who have succeeded share their true stories, it can bring in the much-needed positivity and motivation when one feels low.


No matter how many times you fail or what anyone tells you, always remember your goals. Keep reminding yourself of why you started this business and what is it you want to achieve. Reminding yourself about your goals and future will keep you motivated and stay positive.

Right Contacts

Stay in touch with the right people. Some people are always full of energy and positivity. Surrounding yourself with such people is much better than hanging around with people who are always negative and find fault with everything. The people around you play a major role in influencing your thoughts.

Signs Your Business is Losing Money and How You Can Fix It

No one goes into business with the desire to heap up losses but in the long run, the reality that hits one could just appear unexplainable sometimes. However, there are certain telling points that are often overlooked along the line, and this could eventually deal one’s business a huge blow if left unchecked.

So, what are the signs that intimate that your business is taking a plunge – losing money – rather than making more and more profit?

The first sign we would like to hinge on is the incidence of a high employee turnover rate; this makes you spend more on hiring and training new personnel which may not be very good for the development of the company as time progresses. This problem could be down to the fact that you did not hire the right persons for the job [in the first place] or due to the fact that the employees are not having good welfare packages. So, to fix this, you will have to strive to put the right people in the right places – hiring competent individuals is a luxury you cannot afford to throw away. Also, you should consider motivating disgruntled employees – maybe by giving incentives; this could go a long way in boosting productivity rate.

Another sign your business is losing money can arise from the fact that the amount of cash spent on different quarters or sectors of your business is yielding little or no profit. In this wise, you will have to review the processes to see which one is not really working and then make a move to save cost.

A customer base that has ceased from expanding for some months should also give you a cause for concern. In this case [since you are not in the business for yourself] you do not even need the buy sell arrows indicator to tell you there is work to be done before you do what is needful. In addressing this matter, you will have to do away with outdated marketing campaigns and engage the power of digital marketing to a greater extent.